KHS Alumni Association Bylaws


In 1911, a Committee was formed at Kingston High School by the graduating Seniors under the direction of John S. Vaughan, Superintendent of Kingston Schools.  It is the second oldest organization in Oklahoma.  It has met yearly since 1911.

The Organization of _____ members, called themselves the "Kingston High School Alumni Association." 


Their objective was to have an annual reunion and fellowship.

Each graduating senior thereafter had the option of joining by completing their initiation and taking the Oath.

there will be no membership fee and no annual dues.


The functions of this Association must be and shall be giverned and followed by parlimentary procedures using "Roberts Rules of Order," as a guideline.

Officers will be voted on each year during the business session at the banquet.  the officers will serve a term of 1 year.

The current President shall appoint a nominating committee, and the committee selects a slate of officers to be voted upon by the association.  Nominations for a slate of officers may be made from the floor.

The President shall be principal executive officer of the Association and shall, in general, supervise all the business affairs of the Association.  He or she shall call for planning sessions and preside at all meetings.

In the absence of the President or in the event of his or her inability to serve, the Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President.  

The Secretary-Treasurer shall be the custodian of all the records and funds of the association.  The Secretary-Treasurer with the President and Vice-President will be responsible for the planning and wording of the invitations and their mailings.  Also, the Secretary-Treasurer must keep minutes of all meetings and give an annual financial report at the banquet.

Members of the Committees will be appointed by the presiding President for his/her term of office.  Each Committee member will have the right to solicit additional assistance in carrying out their duties, as long as it is an Alumni member.

Article I

The annual reunion will be held each year at the close of school with a banquet on Saturday night following graduation.

Article II

No business that require the expenditure of funds will be valid unless and until the Committeehas gone through the proper procedures of the voting process.

Article III

All monies received by the Alumni Association shall be deposited in a Banking Institution determined and chosen by the power at be.

Article IV

Strict compliance of all Federal, State, County and City regulations which might apply to the functions and operations of this Association will be adhered to by the Committee as a whole and by each qualified member of the Association. 

Article V

The Initiating Committee will be responsible for the safety of the Neophytes during initiation.

The Neophytes are only responsible to the Initiating Committee.  Members who have a special request of a Neophyte must present the request to the Initiating cCmmittee for approval.

If a Neophyteis injured, becomes ill, or is prevented in any way from completing the initiation, he or she may become a member if the Initiating Committee so orders a vote at the business session.

Article VI


HONORARY MEMBERS:  Spouses of Alumni members automatically become honorary members.  A Kingston graduate who did not join, but does marry a member, may not become an honorary member and cannot attend Kangaroo Court or Banquet.  Honorary members may not vote or have a voice at the business sessions.

If a Kingston graduate who did not join decides to join at a later date, he or she may do so by contacting the President of the Association and completing the initiation and taking the Oath.

Article VII

SCHOLARSHIPS:  The Association may during the annual banquet ask for donations to award a scholarship to a deserving Neophyte for the next year. 

Article VIII

SLOGAN:  A slogan has been adopted.  At the closing of the annual meeting, all presdent will stand, join hands, and repeat, "LET NO THIS CHAIN BE BROKEN."