Donna Lynn Ballard-Kirk--Class of 1963


October 27, 1945 - March 4, 2010


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Posted by Juliana on March 8, 2012
You are one clever and cfatry girl. Thank you so very much for sharing such great inspiration!Have a very Happy New Year!
Posted by Jovana on March 6, 2012
Great writing...and yes was that way when my Grandpa was aorund ..everyday obits and a long discussion of the ones they knew well, good or bad....but for us though...we skip the "saddies"...and just focus on the "WTF"'s regarding the daily news and the current state of our world...that's about all we can handle in our lives...!
Posted by Juni on March 5, 2012
(from now on, i'm calling that siocetn 'the saddies'. that made me lol.)i'm 31... unhealthy? is it? i do this every time i pick up the newspaper. heres my reasoning.i hate the thought of someone being so alone that theres no one to even read their obituary. that makes me sad.i've done this for several years, but now, i work oncology, so because of this odd practice of mine, i'm unofficially designated to be the one to keep an eye out for our patients so we can have someone from the floor at the service.glad others read as well. makes me a little less odd and morbid.
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